New Law in UK expands definition of domestic violence - Should Maryland follow suit?

A new law in England and Wales makes it possible for victims of domestic violence has expanded the definition of domestic abuse to include coercive and controlling behavior. This law allows victims of domestic abuse to avail themselves of legal remedies and protection even in the absence of physical abuse or otherwise threatening behavior.

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A few years ago, I was a young, new lawyer sitting in a district court courtroom with my client for a hearing. When the judge took the bench, she instructed all attorneys who intended to have trials or hearings that day to exchange exhibits prior to coming up. As instructed, I stood up and signaled to opposing counsel to step outside of the courtroom.

When we were outside, I was eager and ready to exchange exhibits when opposing counsel announced that he did not intend to provide me with copies of his exhibits, even after I gave him mine. Innocently, I asked him “Do you not have an extra copy for me? Did you not hear the judge?”

“No,” he said. ” I won’t exchange my exhibits with you.”

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